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The Next Boboiboy

Peace For ...
Thursday, 6 April 2017 | 8:00 pm | 0 Comments
Hating is bad. It leads to fights that turns into wars. Just look around nowadays. Everyday we get new news.
There's a shooting happened in the area. An explosion at the junction. Women, men, children even babies are the victims of the wars. Innocent people died because of the wars. They don't deserve it. They don't do something wrong.
We should help them. Help the innocent. The helpless people. Kids shouting and crying. Some don't feel to help them. While some think it is their duty, their responsibility to help the people. The donate money, food, buy clothes so that the people can live as warm as others.
They believe what comes around goes around. If they do good to other people, then the people will also do good to them. And that's why the help these people. So that they will lend their hands whenever they are in trouble.
The conclusion is, goodness is what matters in life. Goodness comes so that we live in a peaceful condition. A peaceful and harmony life is what it takes to experience the best live ever.
The Secrets Of A Family To Achieve Success
Sunday, 2 April 2017 | 9:46 am | 0 Comments
She sells food in the morning. People likes to buy at her stall. She sells nasi lemak, kuih-muih like doughnuts, currypuffs, noodle soup and others. She helps her mother runs the store whenever she's free.
People often come to the stall because the food is delicious. Other than that, the stall is always in a clean condition. The mother, Reen is working hard for her children, Eli, Jenny and Cassidy. Jenny is the one who likes to help her mother. She just finished her final examinations and is waiting for the results so that she can apply any university. 
Honestly, they are not a poor family, instead, they have more than enough. But Reen, she likes to do what she loves and selling food to the people is what she loves and that also makes her happy. Everyone is happy too.
For  Cassidy and Eli, that doesn't bothers them. They are good with their studies and is struggling to get good grades and make themself shine during high school. They said it would make their life easier after they have finish high school.
They live a happy life. Eventhough they lost their father three years ago but that doesn't stop them from achieving success in their life.
Eli is good at sports. He plays rugby very well. He also an accurate shooter of basketball. Cassidy likes technologies. Cracking codes, making apps and hacking is one of her routine. She wants to continue her study in science and technology course. 
As for Jenny, she is a mechanic. She has her own workshop two months before she finish her exams.  They are so good, so perfect that people think it is a perfect life but for them, the perfect life is a life in the other side. 
And till now Reen has never stop advises her children to never leave their solah and continuously ask Allah for help cause Allah is always there. 
Now, there... that's their secret to success not just in the life but also in the next life.
She Struggled For It.
Wednesday, 29 March 2017 | 9:10 am | 0 Comments

It was hard. Very hard. The group consist of four succeeded in the fair. They achieved gold award and also first place from all the groups there.

Was it hard? Was it hard to gain the success? Yes. It was very hard in which to get the success, you must sacrifice your time, your energy and your money. 

Some said easy. Actually, that were the people who didn't care about the task or the job. They thought it was okay to just submit the task eventhough it didn't look great and nice. 

But for her, she struggled to get to the top. She did it with all of her heart. She wasted her energy, her money, her time just so that she achieved the success. And know it was her with her teammates smiling. People applausing. They were smiling. 

She felt relieved as people also felt happy. As a leader, she felt that it was her duty to make sure her teammates happy. Now she did it eventhough there were lots of things happen in the process of making their project a success. 

And at the end of the day, she learnt that to achieve something, you have to put an effort to it. Even if you just want to eat. You still have to cook, or buy any food from nearest stores. Overall, those effort pays more than you could imagine.

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